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Micro TRACE MODE 6: Runtime for Industrial Controllers

Micro TRACE MODE 6 is powerful multiplatform runtime designed for use in open PLC for direct digital process control. The control systems developed with Micro TRACE MODE operate in more than 20 industries worldwide.

Among them:

  • Nuclear industry;
  • Large-scale power engineering
  • Heat power engineering;
  • Oil industry; 
  • Gas industry; 
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • Ore and Steel industry;
  • Ore mining and processing industry;
  • Machinery construction;
  • Building automation;

Micro TRACE MODE 6 includes Micro Real Time Monitor (Micro RTM) – runtime software for installation into industrial controllers. TRACE MODE 6 Micro RTM is supplied in different configurations and provides the following features:

  • Hard real time;
  • System cycle starting from 2 ms;
  • Built-in hot redundancy (dual and triple);
  • Smooth restart;
  • TCP/IP networking (I-NET protocol);
  • Open format of I/O card driver; 
  • M-LINK protocol (serial port) support;
  • Fault tolerant remote control M-LINK CRC protocol support;
  • MODBUS master protocol support; 
  • DCS master protocol (distributed I/O device ADAM, I7000, I8000 and compatible) support;
  • Program interpreter for 5 languages of the IEC 6-1131/3 standard;
  • Dumping of controller parameters;
  • Alarm report;
  • User defined log in controller;
  • Watchdog timer support;
  • I/O cards support;
  • Distributed I/O of ADAM 5000 series (Advantech), I7000 series (ICP DAS), I8000 series (ICP DAS) support;
  • Text displays support;
  • Pseudographical operator interface;
  • VGA-displays support;
  • Graphical operator’s interface (embedded HMI);
  • Adaptive PID loop self-tuning;
  • Data exchanging with PC via modem, through dedicated and dial–up phone network;
  • Data exchanging with the remote RTM via GSM-modem - SMS and direct connection;

OPC-server for Micro TRACE MODE is available.

The Micro TRACE MODE runtimes are available for the following operating systems:

  • MS DOS;
  • Mini OS7;
  • Windows;
  • LINUX (under development).

The list of operating systems remains open. Upon request, AdAstra Research, Group, Ltd can port the Micro RTM to different platforms.

Micro RTM programming is implemented using the facilities of TRACE MODE 6 Integrated development environment (the professional line). This allows to obtain an important advantage of integrated project development:

  • no duplication of databases for  controller, OPC-server and  HMI;
  • the developers’ productivity boosted up;
  • development errors reduced;
  • project development cost reduced.

For Micro RTM programming, the system offers  5 languages of the international standard IEC 6-1131/3. The powerful debugging features are also available.

The developed projects can be:

  • downloaded into controller directly from the TRACE MODE editors;
  • remotely started up, stopped, and edited online – without shutdown of the controller.

When performing online-editing, the information from the factory floor is transmitted directly to the TRACE MODE 6 editor, and the user can modify the control algorithms according to the real time data. After the modified program  is downloaded remotely into controller, the Micro RTM 6 would not need to shut down completely, it would reload only the modified part of the project. 

The standard Micro TRACE MODE 6 for developer set includes the Micro RTM with network support, smooth restart feature, M-LINK slave, fault tolerant remote control M-LINK CRC protocol, dump, watchdog timer, program interpreter in 5 languages of the IEC 6-1131/3 standard, and possibility of I/O cards drivers developing. 

Micro TRACE MODE 6 for developer also includes the support of MODBUS and DCS master protocols. This feature enables developing applications in which Micro RTM is used as main controlling device with distributed I/O or as concentrator.

AdAstra Research, Group, Ltd also issues specialized Micro RTM versions for the various type of controllers (OEM-versions), among them:

  • WinCon-8000;
  • ADAM 5510; 
  • ICP/DAS;
  • ICP/DAS i8000; 
  • UNO 2000 (in testing);
  • ADAM 6500 (in testing); 

Micro TRACE MODE 6 OEM-versions are enclosed to controllers manufactured by the AdAstra Research, Group, Ltd OEM-partners.

Upon request, the Micro RTM can be modified and provided with any combination of features, for any operating systems and hardware platforms.

The price for the Micro TRACE MODE 6 licenses of depends on:

  • number of channels in the project;
  • additional options;
  • quantity of licensed purchased at a time.

Aktualna wersja TRACE MODE 6.10.2. Uaktualnij teraz, za darmo!