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History Logger

History Logger

SIAD/SQL 6 Real Time DBMS Servers: Hystory Loggers

Loggers are TRACE MODE® 6 SCADA/HMI-MES-EAM-HRM runtimes. In the distributed TRACE MODE and T-Factory based control system Loggers perform the functions of dedicated history servers - servers of  SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS. TRACE MODE Loggers are designed for data processing, fast real time data storage in the SIAD/SQL 6 databases and fast access to them.

There are two types of history servers designed for operation in control systems of various scale :

  • SIAD/SQL 6 Global logger for 64000 channels;
  • SIAD/SQL 6 Corporate logger for (1 billion) channels with embedded documentation server.

For both types of history servers there are versions with built-in hot redundancy and data recovery features.

The main features of TRACE MODE 6 Loggers are as follows:

  • real time data acquisition from the TRACE MODE servers, including data from RTM, RTM+ or its modifications, as well as from the Global Logger and the Micro RTM programmed controllers;
  • data compression;
  • data processing using the IEC 6-1131/3 standard programs;
  • fast data storage in the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS, with 1 ms accuracy;
  • several logs support by the SIAD/SQL 6 real time DBMS server;
  • statistical processing of real time DBMS SIAD/SQL 6 data logs and of real time data. Calculation of technical and economical parameters and SPC;
  • connection to external databases via ODBC and execution of SQL-queries in real time;
  • interaction with the real time applications via OPC-client;
  • data visualization in HMI screens;
  • submission of history data to TRACE MODE clients and servers;
  • programmed automatic backup of the real time database;
  • data export;
  • Global (Corporate) documentation server for an unlimited number (64000) of documents templates is embedded to TRACE MODE 6 Corporate logger .

The TRACE MODE 6 global logger has a local graphic console, which can be used for displaying the information about the control system network structure, status of network exchange, the volume of cash and data queries, alarm messages, etc., as well as for the most important  statistical parameters of the controlled process in the form of HMI trends, bars, pie charts, tables, etc.

For highly reliable fail-safe control system design, TRACE MODE 6 offers Global and Corporate Loggers with built-in hot redundancy:

License policy: TRACE MODE 6 Loggers are licensed for 1 PC, the number of channels - 64000 or (1 billion).

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