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Triple Redundancy

Triple Redundancy

Tri Force RTM+: Triple Redundant Real Time Servers

Tri Force RTM+ 6 contents three real time monitors (TRACE MODE® 6 SCADA/HMI real time servers) provided with automatic triple redundancy system.

Tri Force RTM+ is designed for use in high-reliability fail-safe control systems based on the TRACE MODE 6. Tri Force RTM+ is installed on three PCs being equal servers in the control system. Each of the three real time monitors included in the Tri Force RTM+ system, is able to operate independently as  RTM+, and in addition they offer additional features ensuring automatic triple redundancy.

The TRACE MODE triple redundancy system for servers is somewhat similar with dual hot redundancy (supported in the DoubleForce RTM+). It provides the following features:

  • automatic synchronization of real time data between the master and standby servers in triple redundancy mode;
  • automatic switching-over of the data flows to one of the the standby TRACE MODE 6 server in case of failure of the master server;
  • automatic determination of server status in mode as "master" or "redundant" at system startup and automatic solution of status conflicts upon recovery of the master server after failure;
  • logging of all failures and switchings to standby servers.

In case of server failure in the triple redundant control system the remaining two real time monitors would continue operating the dual redundant mode, i.e. temporarily transforming into DoubleForce RTM+.

Triple redundancy is the highest level of hot redundancy implemented in practice in control systems. In TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI the triple redundancy is fully automated. The autobuilding of dual and triple redundant nodes are provided in the integrated development environment. Reliability ensured with triple redundancy meets the highest standards of the process control systems for hazardous and high-technology plants.

License policy: Tri Force RTM+ 6 is licensed for 3 PCs with different number of channels. The versions of Tri Force RTM+ 6 for 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 32000, 64000 channels are available.

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