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T-FACTORY HRM – Personnel and Work Management

T-FACTORY.exe™ 6 HRM is a real time work management system integrated with control, MES and EAM-systems of an industrial enterprise.

The T-FACTORY HRM provides a manager with real time information about availability and accessibility of manpower of the enterprise required for accomplishment of works, and performs accounting of their time, quality and cost. This allows easy work management e.g. to plan the works flexibly, "to see" current load of the personnel, re-distribute the manpower among production sites, reduce downtime, increase motivation and productivity of the factory staff.

The T-FACTORY HRM allows to:

  • create brief record cards of the personnel;
  • account for executed works;
  • transmit the information about execution of works to external applications for calculation of pay and bonuses;
  • perform network planning of the works;
  • perform work management - supervision of the execution of works;
  • save statistics of work execution and downtime of the personnel;
  • account for the labor cost;
  • generate reports for work management automatically.

The T-FACTORY 6 HRM work management system allows to present the administrative structures of an enterprise as an object tree, and relate every employee to its elements.

For each employee (HRM object) of any hierarchical level, a record card is created.  Any record card can be linked to external ERP modules, containing detailed information about employee.

To the HRM objects the work orders for manufacturing works or technical maintenance can be assigned. Information about execution of orders, received from the T-FACTORY 6 MES and EAM, is automatically related to the employee and is used by work management for evaluation of the quality of his labor, calculation of bonuses and penalties.

Through the TRACE MODE SQL-builder the information required for calculation of pay or bonuses can be transferred to book-keeping systems automatically.  

User reports containing statistics for work management can be generated using TRACE MODE documentation server.

Aktualna wersja TRACE MODE 6.10.2. Uaktualnij teraz, za darmo!