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Melsec FX3U

Melsec FX3U

Mitsubishi FX3U Connectivity Tutorial

This video tutorial offers a step-by-step guide for explaining how to connect a Mitsubishi PLC to TRACE MODE SCADA/HMI through Ethernet network.

Didactic Task

Let's develop a simple control system, consisting of a Mitsubishi FX3U PLC and an operator PC connected with net using MELSEC protocol. The Mitsubishi FX3U-16M has FX3U-4AD-PT-ADP  I/O module connected to a temperature sensor and an ETHERNET card FX3U-ENET. The IP-address of the PLC is the port for data exchange is 5551.

We should read data and display data from the temperature sensor on our operator HMI. The value from sensor is located in Data/FileRegister D8260.

Click on the picture below to run the video tutorial.

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We recommend you to repeat trainer's actions in the TRACE MODE development system. Free TRACE MODE development software may be downloaded here.

You can download training project shown on our video.

SCADA/HMI software TRACE MODE is provided with free built-in drivers, enabling connection to  2812 PLCs, I/O's and meters.  

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