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Jak rozpocząć projekt OEM z firmą AdAstrA?

How to start an OEM-project with AdAstrA Research Group?

You can easily being an OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group ! Write down an application and send it to us at: indicating the following data:

  • brief description of your output hardware product, i.e. a controller, PC, panel, etc., which you intend to use in your OEM-project;
  • summarized requirements for the OEM-product software;
  • annual output in pieces;
  • product value;

and our manager will contact you promptly.

We are implementing OEM-projects both with manufacturers and with distributors of industrial controllers. The commercial conditions of OEM-projects are different for various products and shall be determined in the course of negotiations.

For more information, please contact us.

 OEM-project advantages for hardware manufacturer

OEM-project advantages for hardware buyer 

 What is OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group?

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