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Czym jest projekt OEM z firmą AdAstrA?

What is an OEM-project with AdAstrA Research Group?

OEM-projects are developed by AdAstrA® Research Group jointly with manufacturers of the following hardware:

  • industrial controllers;
  • industrial PCs;
  • operator panels;
  • mobile pocket PC and terminals.

The goal of an OEM-project is to create a hardware and software complex oriented to the end user and meeting its needs.

To this end, AdAstrA® Research Group  develops a specialized version of TRACE MODE® software designed for programming OEM-partner’s products. The manufacturer shall pre-install it on its output products and enclose a free CD-ROM with a controller programming systems and control system development tools from SCADA/HMI to MES-EAM-HRM.

The software for an OEM-project normally includes the following:

  • a specialized TRACE MODE® Micro RTM for the controller;
  • a set of drivers for I/O devices;
  • an integrated development system including editors for visual programming of controllers complying with the IEC 61131/3 standard:
    • Techno SFC;
    • Techno LD;
    • Techno FBD;
    • Techno ST;
    • Techno IL;
  • powerful debugging and on-line program editing tools;
  • real time monitor for running HMI applications (a demo for 1 hour of continuous operation);
  • GSM-activator (a demo).

For more information, please contact us.

How to start an OEM-project with AdAstrA® Research Group?

OEM-project advantages for hardware manufacturer

OEM-project advantages for hardware buyer

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