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For Engineering Firms

AdAstrA Authorized System Integrator

System integrator is an engineering company which main business consists in the implementation of process control and manufacturing automation systems at industrial enterprises using TRACE MODE and T-FACTORY software.

The status of AdAstrA Authorized system integrator provides an engineering company with significant benefits:

  • winning tenders easier

The official partner status is mandatory in typical tenders for control and manufacturing automation systems.

The AdAstrA authorized system integrators have a good reputation. TRACE MODE is an easy selling product. The status of Authorized system integrator increases the company’s value for customer and facilitates winning in tenders.

  • retaining customers and creating serial projects easier

As is well known, a system integrator earns money not on its first project but on its replicationAdAstrA Authorized system integrator uses top quality and highly reliable software product from the market leader. It cuts time-to-market and ensures steady growth of your business.

  • 90% of revenues remains with you

The cost of software in a finished control system does not, as a rule, exceed 10%, however the overall system features greatly depend upon the software used. In the end the customer “sees” the control system software (interface). Therefore, the software is a key to the selection of a project supplier and developer. AdAstrA Authorized system integrator pays less and earns 90% of the control system project value.

  • increasing number of orders easily

As AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd deals with the software development and support only, we are not in competition with our system integrators and we generally handle requests from our end users to our Authorized partners.

Every day dozens of industrial enterprises that need reliable system integrators apply to us. It is in our interests to recommend them experienced developers of TRACE MODE based control and manufacturing automation systems selecting them among our Authorized system integrators.

  • huge discounts on software
    An Authorized system integrator is entitled to considerable discount on software products. A flexible system for upgrading the partner rank will allow you to permanently increase your discount.
  • privileged training of employees

Do you need to train new engineers for a major project? The status of Authorized system integrator will enable you to train your specialists at Authorized TRACE MODE и T-FACTORY training centres quickly and at a privileged price.

  • new trends

TRACE MODE 6 is the first integrated system combining all production management levels: SOFTLOGIC-SCADA/HMI-MES-EAM-HRM. For the first time, products for process control and for manufacturing automation systems are combined in one software package. Having selected TRACE MODE as the basis for your activity, you will be able to offer to your customer a more integrated and scalable solution than your competitors. It will provide larger orders and ensure greater company’s growth.

  • Permanent growth of the partner status

The flexible system for enhancing the partner status will allow continuously increasing the volume of discounts and bonuses to be provided to partners.

Contact us to join the family of AdAstrA Authorized system integrators! We will be happy to answer all your questions and/or arrange a meeting in order to discuss the details of our cooperation.

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