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Certyfikowani Instruktorzy
Certified Instructors

How to Qualify For The “Certified TRACE MODE and T-Factory Instructor” Degree?

The quality of training at the Authorized training centres depends upon the qualification of the instructors. Therefore, AdAstrA Research Group, Ltd. establishes strict requirements for their knowledge background and experience. At the same time, we are interested in expanding the number of certified instructors; therefore, any applicant can rely on the most friendly consideration of his/her application.

The qualification of the “Certified TRACE MODE Instructor” and  Certified T-Factory Instructor” can be assigned to a specialist with the university degree in the field of processes control (TRACE MODE) or manufacturing management (T-Factory) and working experience not less than 5 years. In addition, an applicant should be the holder of a “Certified TRACE MODE engineer” diploma issued not less than 1 year ago.

All applicants to the  “Certified instructor” degree should perform qualification tests and pass an interview. A detailed information about how to get the status of a “Certified instructor” can be obtained at the AdAstrA Training centre.

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